The Secret to Strength? Keep it Slow

What’s the easiest thing I can do every day that will help me toward my goal?

Start with one task and one task only and go slow. Making change is hard. No one wants to admit but it’s true. So do not make it harder by creating too many goals at once or by focusing on goals that seem like running a marathon instead of going for a walk. You get to the marathon but it will be better to build up momentum.

Success depends on consistency more than anything.

Give yourself two to three weeks to crush each mini-goal. Once you’re consistently hitting your goal, then add another goal. Then another. Each opportunity will give you the chance to build a habit you can master. As time goes on, you can make the goals much more specific and difficult. But when you do, you’ll be building on a solid foundation of habits that will make it very difficult to slide back to the old you.

I wish a year of small victories and imperfection. Whatever you do, don’t paint the picture of a life you wouldn’t want to live. It’s not necessary and definitely is not needed in order to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Are you ready to Create and Construct your new body with Real Women Lift Group Personal Fitness Training?

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Strength Training: It’s For Women Too!

If you’re sticking to healthy eating, hitting up the cardio machines regularly, and yet, you’re just not seeing the results you thought you would—there could be something critical missing. And that something is strength training.

Strength training isn’t just for men ladies! Even Marilyn Monroe understood the benefits of regular strength training We’re talking better sleep, less stress, and more energy not to mention. Improved bone density!

After a few dates with some dumbbells, you will definitely see your body change as you become stronger and healthier. Whether the goal is to become strong or lose weight, there’s a strength training program that will deliver optimal results. And, as you get older, strength training can help combat the natural decline in muscle and bone density.

Are you ready to Create and Construct your new body with Real Women Lift Group Personal Fitness Training?

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This Year, Invest in Yourself!

Whether you’ve started off 2019 on the right track & want to keep the momentum going strong, or on the other hand, perhaps your big New Year’s resolution didn’t quite kick in just yet – investing in yourself is definitely the best investment you’ll ever make! February is the official month of L O V E, why not create new, loving, caring & empowering habits that will set you up for ultimate health, success and banging bod along the way!? BRING IT ON FEBRUARY!!!

February 11 starts a new 6 Week Real Women Lift Group Personal Fitness Strength Training Session.

Are you ready to Create and Construct your new body with Real Women Lift Group Personal Fitness Training?

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Stop and smell the roses …or a cactus.

In 2019 Find little ways to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine when you can! Stop and smell the roses or a cactus. Look closely see if you can spot the bee enjoying his nectar. Getting fresh air is so important for our mental health even if it is just getting out of the office for 10 minutes at lunchtime to take a walk around the block, that small bit break can leave you feeling reenergized and put you back in a positive mood. I love to take strolls through the neighborhood behind the Real Women Lift Studio.

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Strengthen Your Heart!

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Take steps today to lower your risk of heart disease.
To help prevent heart disease, you can:

⦁ Eat healthy.
⦁ Get active by doing not only cardio but resistance training.
⦁ Stay at a healthy weight.
⦁ Quit smoking and stay away from secondhand smoke.
⦁ Control your cholesterol and blood pressure.
⦁ Drink alcohol only in moderation.
⦁ Manage stress.

The American Heart Association recommends strength training at least twice per week.

Strengthening your muscles gives you the ability to perform everyday activities and helps protect your body from injury. Stronger muscles also lead to a boost in your metabolic rate, which means you’ll burn more calories even when your body is at rest.

Don’t worry — we’re not talking about professional bodybuilding. Simple, weight- bearing exercises that use free weights, machines or your body’s own resistance are the focus. You can do these workouts separate from your cardio activity or add resistance on to an existing workout. Choose the time and type of activity that works for you.

A well-rounded strength-training program provides the following benefits:
⦁ Increased strength of bones, muscles and connective tissues (tendons and ligaments);
⦁ Lower risk of injury;
⦁ Increased muscle mass, which makes it easier for your body to burn calories and thus maintain a healthy weight;
⦁ Better quality of life.

Are you ready to Create and Construct your new body with Real Women Lift Group Personal Fitness Training?

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Planks: anytime, anywhere

In 2019 Find little ways to stay active throughout the day! Even if I have a busy day ahead of me, I always try to get in some type of workout five to six times a week. It is a win, win situation! I get the benefits of exercise, I also use this time as “ME” time, which helps me unwind.

Having an inconsistent schedule doesn’t always allow you to log in a full workout. Do not have that all or nothing attitude. I believe that something is better than nothing!

“Planks anytime anywhere”

If you don’t have time to log a full workout, try breaking it up. In a perfect world I’d have time to get to gym do a hour of strength training or spend an hour on my half marathon training but having an inconsistent schedule doesn’t always allow for that. I find time to add time to push-ups, lateral plank variations and walking lunges. I find that squeezing in a few minutes of intensity helps keep me focused and on track. Next time your schedule is full make adjustments but keep active.

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In 2019 say YES to Strength Training, the Possibilities are endless!

When it comes to Strength Training there are thousands of combinations and the beauty of that is I can design workouts to not only fit your goals but also have virtually endless variety in doing so.

At Real Women Lift Personal Fitness Training Studio, I love to use either Total Body Workouts or Split Routines when designing strength-training workouts for my clients.

When I design Total Body Workouts I use combinations of free weight and machine exercises. Alternate an upper body push, upper body pull, lower body multi-joint, and core exercise. Three to four sets per exercise with repetitions between 8 to 20 and a rest time of

30-60 seconds rest between exercises.

When I design Split Routines I use combinations of dumbbell and machine exercises. One of my favorite Split Routine is the Push/Pull Split with 3 to 4 sets per exercise. The repetitions can be anywhere from 8 to 20 with a rest time of 30-60 seconds rest between exercises.

There are endless ways to strength train whether you are a rookie, a seasoned veteran, or a competitive lifter. I love it.

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2019 New Year Blitz!

Are you Ready to get serious about your fitness this year? 6-Weeks Strength at your fingertips.

— two days a week at RWL studio.

— Small group 4 to 6

— customized workouts

— Group and coach accountability

— instructed by certified trainer with over 30 years’ experience.

All this for only $210

January 2 through February 8

Tuesday/Thursday 5 to 6 PM

Cindy Treaster, Certified Personal Trainer


Be on a mission to be your best self. Be better than yesterday.

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