Tomorrow is the BIG DAY! Do not skip Dessert eat what is SPECIAL, skip what is not.

I could tell you to skip Dessert but more than likely nobody follows and if they did, well, they were miserable doing it. I’m not interested in continuing that tradition.

So I say, eat your Dessert! No, seriously, eat Dessert. Just make sure that they’re yours. I don’t mean you have to make them; they just have to be meaningful to you. Sugary treats can be found everywhere you look right now, and you could easily—too easily—ride a blood-sugar high all the way to some sad New Year’s resolutions. But here’s a better way: Have your favorite seasonal Dessert, but skip the stuff you can get any time of the year.

My favorite Dessert is my sister-in-law Tina’s Pecan Pie it is best in the world!

My CHALLENGE to you is to Skip the pre-made HOLIDAY TREATS that companies try to convince us that they are made by our loved ones and the same for all those overly sweet pumpkin spice lattes and a Dessert that is SPECIAL to you!

The holidays only come around once a year, but they come around every year. This isn’t going to change! That means you’ve got plenty more dates with the “gatherings—temptation and obligation—on the horizon.
You can either do battle with them, or you can do your best to work with them. I think you know which one I’m in favor of. Finish the year strong!

Cindy Treaster
Certified Personal Fitness Trainer