Beginners Only Strength Training Session!




Real Women Lift is offering a NEW for BEGINNERS ONLY Strength Training Session


  • NEW Real Women Lift Beginner Training Session


    • Dates: August 6 thru September 14 (6 Weeks)
    • Fee: $185 Special Introductory Offer (First time only) Normally $220
    • Time: Monday & Wednesday10:30-11:30


  • Location: 900 H Anastasia Boulevard (Lighthouse Plaza) *Registration is required


This is a small group of 6-8 Women – 6 Weeks Strength Session led by a Certified Personal Trainer, who will guide and teach you proper weight-lifting etiquette, technique and routines. The goals of Real Women Lift are to help woman in improving the posture, increasing their strength and change their body mass. You’ll see a positive a transformation to your body and you will get stronger.

You want to know a little secret. Being a beginner when it comes to strength training is awesome. That’s because, as a beginner, you can make incredibly fast progress. Not only is this very motivating, but it means you can get MORE results in LESS time.

Join Real Women Lift as we discuss the benefits of strength training and equip you with the knowledge and skills you need to reach your goals and exceed your own expectations!

Each Session will be led by, Cindy Treaster, Certified Personal Trainer she will provide exercise instruction and motivation. Her Mission is to:

”Provide women the inspiration and information they need to create their own best bodies.”

Registration is required however each class is limited to the first 8 participants.  For more information email Cindy Treaster at or

TXT 904-501-5759

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Smoothies Revisited

Earlier this month we discussed how you use YOUR smoothie, meal replacement, snack or post recovery.  This week here’s how to get the most nutrition without driving the calories sky high.

Fruit. Start with 1 cup fresh or frozen fruit. Some great fruit bases include strawberries, blueberries, mangoes, bananas, pineapple, cherries and peaches.

Veggie. If you don’t mind the green color, adding a handful of spinach or kale is a good way to bring more antioxidants to your drink. These greens also give your smoothie more body, but the flavor from the small serving is virtually undetectable when paired with fruit.

Protein. You can use 1 cup plain, Greek yogurt, which has up to 24 g of this hunger-busting nutrient.  Another way to go is to use protein powder. If you’re going this route, keep an eye on the labels and watch out for added or artificial sweeteners. You’ll also want to take note of the protein source, especially if you’re following certain dietary restrictions (like avoiding dairy or soy). Popular options include   smoothie extra filling.  But these additions also drive the calories up. Stick to about a tablespoon of seeds or nut butters or about a quarter of an avocado to avoid this issue.

Liquid: Your choices are so many almond milk, Cashew milk, coconut milk, milk, coconut water, iced coffee or tea, and juice. If you’re getting ample protein from another source, coconut water or almond milk are lighter ways to go. A splash of juice is a great way to add sweetness to your smoothie, but if you’re going this route, be mindful of other sweeteners.

Grains. Some people like the addition of oats or other fiber-rich grains in their smoothies. In addition to providing more body, you’ll get all the benefits of whole grains when you add them to your smoothie mixture or bowl.

Ice. I like to toss a handful of ice cubes in the blender because ice adds more volume (read: bigger smoothie), which makes my sips last longer. The cold sips also take more time to drink. The more you linger over your smoothie (or any other meal or snack), the more memorable, satisfying, and enjoyable it will be.

Lots of information! Check out Blueberry Avocado Smoothie!!







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Need A Hand With Fitness?

Are you new to exercise, and finding it hard to put together everything that goes into a complete program that’s right for you?

If you have no idea what you’re doing, I can help you with form, techniques and with the accountability to keep up your fitness endeavors and transform your approach to training and exercise.

Who is Real Women Lift Personal Fitness Training for?  Real Women Lift Personal Fitness Training Program is a designed to help women of ALL ages who want to gain all the benefits and take control of their body and make strength training a priority!

What are some of the Benefits of Real Women Lift Personal Fitness Training?

  • Increased Motivation
  • Accelerated Results
  • Accountability
  • Private Studio
  • Emphasis on Proper Techniques
  • Decreased Risk Injury
  • Progressive Training – Always Challenging
  • Individualized Program Based on Your Needs
  • More fun!

Check out Real Women Lift’s August Strength Training Session.  There are OPEN time slots in the Tuesday/Thursday Evenings.

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Summer Smoothies!

Warm weather and I love smoothies in the summer! In my mind, I feel like I am cheating with these nutritious delicious drinks.  After all Elance Frappe means slim milkshake in French!  Done right smoothies can be delicious and nutritious, packing satisfying ingredients along with fiber, vitamins, minerals and other health-protecting substances. 

My question is: HOW do you use your Nutritious delightfully tasting Smoothie?  As a MEAL REPLACEMENT, SNACK or POST-WORK RECOVERY Drink?

A  Nutritious delightfully tasting Smoothie can be used in place of any meal or used as a healthy snack to satisfy your hunger until your next meal or post-workout recovery drink after working up a sweat.

Many of my clients enjoy using a delicious smoothie for breakfast because they are QUICK and filling. Simply blend and go! Others prefer to have them for lunch or dinner. It’s really up to you!

Smoothies are the perfect for post work out recovery drink to turn to after working up a sweat: Easy to make and digest, they offer a simple way to get the protein you need to build muscle, the carbs you need to restore the glycogen you burned during exercise, and antioxidants that fight inflammation and cell damage. Personally I use my nutritious delicious smoothie as either a post workout recovery drink or as a midafternoon snack.

My main concern: I aim for 15 to 20 grams of protein and balance out with carbs and fat and keep my calories between 200-300.  I love frozen bananas and peanut butter teamed up to give this smoothie a rich, milkshake-like consistency that will make you think it’s sinful. When you use unsweetened almond milk, though, it’s packed with protein without sky-high sugar counts found in other smoothies.

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4th of July Announcement!

July is here and it is time to celebrate! Wednesday, July 4 Real Women Lift Fitness Studio will be Closed.  

Independence Day means so many different things to so many people. But unitedly this day means celebrating, remembering, and being grateful for the freedom in our country. Freedom came with a cost, so that you and I today can enjoy our rights. Freedom is the reminder that we are delivered because of what people just like us fought for.

So this Fourth of July, celebrate your freedom and remember those who made this Independence possible. Let the fireworks and cook outs commence in honor of this day. Enjoy freedom and deliverance with all of your favorite people!

Saint Augustine 4th of July festivities:

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Goal Crushing – Nutrition

Double dare you to Focus on eating foods that are from the earth — vegetables, fruits, lean meats, seafood and nuts — and stay away from processed, packaged foods and watch your portion sizes for 12 Weeks.  A meal should contain 4 to 5 ounces of lean protein, two cups of vegetables, and a healthy fat like coconut oil, olive oil, nut butter or avocado.  If you are trying to lose weight you don’t need a lot of complex carbs in your diet.  Twelve Weeks are you up for the challenge? Share some of your Creative dishes email me at or post to Facebook

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Crushing Your Goals – Mind to Muscle Connection

Another tool I use is that lovely MIND to MUSCLE CONNECTION!  Easy to use and will help you achieve better results too!  Each time I go to perform an exercise I will mentally go through the mechanics and visualize the muscles being used.  For instance, this morning’s Romanian Barbell Deadlift (RDL) I stepped up to the bar with overhand grip and brace my abs before I even hoist the bar out of the rack.  Once I had the bar out of the rack I mentally went through the mechanics of the lift in my head – Feet firmly planted; abs braced, shoulders down and back, knees slightly bent – hinge at hips now drive hips back and glide the bar down my quads just past the knees – pause and power up drive my hips forward squeezing my booty. Now 9 more little Reps! Nothing to this Cindy you got this.  Keep your abs braced protect your lower back. Think of all the power and strength you are building!  This is how I talk with myself when I am training!  How do you stay focused and motivated during your training session? Email me at or Facebook

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My Goal for the next 12 Weeks is to CRUSH my WORKOUTS!  I know not every training session will be perfect but I’m here to keep FOCUSED and POWERFUL! You might ask: How will I keep focused and powerful? Through Journaling and Reviewing. Simple! Each week I plan my training sessions by reviewing the previous sessions.  I ask myself a few questions – is it time to increase the weight, reps or even add another set.  For instance, on Incline Dumbbell Chest Press I recorded doing 4 sets of 8 Reps with 40 pounds which was challenging.  I may not be able to increase the weight but I can increase the Reps by 1! Reviewing and having a plan keeps you focused and powerful!  I challenge you for the next 12 weeks to keep a training journal.  Send me a snap shot of one of your training sessions! or Facebook me at Follow me Facebook


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Are you blast past it, really—you need strength training in your life. Why? Lifting weights helps to amp your metabolism for long after your gym-time ends since the more muscle you have, the more calories you torch when working out—and while sitting perfectly still. 

If you’re new to weight training, don’t worry. Real Women Lift has a 4 WEEK MINI created to help you to build a solid FOUNDATION of strength training and shift your body into a new place. 

July 2 thru July 27 (WEEK MINI SESSION) check out the timeslots available visit text me at 904-501-5759!

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The Power of Protein

The Power of Protein: Eating properly for strength training means choosing high-quality protein sources and eating them at the optimal times. Unlike carbohydrates and fat, protein is not a primary energy source, but it plays an important role in metabolism and muscle health.

Carbohydrates, fat, and protein work together to keep the body performing at its best. The goal of proper protein intake is to consume adequate amounts throughout the day, with extra doses after workouts. Eating protein after a strength workout―lifting weights helps restore the muscle tissues you’ve stressed during that workout. Over time, that combination builds strength and lean body mass. I personally try to get the majority of my protein from foods―our bodies will benefit from a well-rounded nutrient package of vitamins and minerals that come with those foods. However, I use Elance Frappe Shake as a post-work recovery shake after a work – quick easy and taste good!

Cindy Treaster, Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

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