The time is now! Your 5 AM alarm sounds, and instead of popping up for that morning killer workout, something else takes over your body and mind. You are entering the workout spin zone – those 60 seconds where you quickly look at your gym bag and then start to justify why you absolutely don’t mind missing your workout.  Where did all your motivations go from the night before?


Have you ever thought about joining Real Women Lift? Real Women Lift is group personal fitness training for women of all ages! Real Women Lift consist of small personal training groups of 4 to 6 women who have similar fitness goals. The Real Women Lift group is led by a certified personal fitness trainer, which will give you the plan and push you need to keep your vision insight! Another great aspect about Real Women Lift is, we are all talking about the right thing and pushing each other.  Having a supportive Real Women Lift partner you’ll be less likely to slack off training if you know they will be there to cheer you on each and every training session!

Testimonial by Kate G. on Real Women Lift – Kept Me On Task “Having an appointment set so that I knew that at least 2 days a week I would put my body first and work out has made me far more successful than ever before. The last of the baby weight got kicked to the curb and my lower back pain from hefting kids hasn’t returned. Cindy made sure my core, which I hated to work on my own, became solid to support my back. Thanks Cindy!”


Cindy Treaster

Certified Personal Trainer